Writers: Our stories Told! (And untold!)

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“It Ok. Writers should be Strange!” – from Cafepress.com onto Pinterest.

As a writer, we have visions. Visions of what our words will look like on paper and if they will touch someone. We want our words to inspire and motivate. We want our words to help that person that feels like they are at the end of their ropes, get back up and dust themselves off and keep it movin’!

We want our words to change minds and change the world.

As writers, we envision what we want the world to look like. We envision what the world would look like, if there were wars and violence. We envision what our worlds would like, if everyone loved each other, just as much as they text and tweet. We envision love. Real Love. Some write about a love they had once. Others, write about a love, lost. While others, write about a love they themselves, wish they could experience. The type of romance that causes people to reminisce about their own romances.

Some, write about passion. The type of passion that they’ve had or wish they did. The type of person that is going to bring abandon and heat to their lives. Then, there are those that uses their experiences to write books that will people to be smarter and not make the same mistakes, that they made.

Writers sometimes, are on the receiving end of a bad rap. We are often times called ‘Weird’, ‘Strange’ and ‘Misunderstood’.  Well, that’s true. We are all of those things. But, think about it. Why wouldn’t we be? We have a billion things going on in our heads, and often times, just as many voices talking to us at the same time.

On Pinterest, I create a board dedicated to Writers. One of the pins that pinned reads, “Writers Block: When your imaginary friends stop talking to you”.   I think that is a real fact. When you are sitting quietly in a room and you hear nothing? Sometimes, that can be the scariest sound in the world. Utter and complete silence. I always find it a little unnerving, when my imaginary friends are asleep and I’m not. That’s not a good feeling. It makes me wonder have I upset them. Then, that’s when I begin to think and I ask myself one question. “Have I read or wrote anything today?” Often times, the answer to that answers me. If I haven’t, then yes they probably are mad. Because I have talked to them today. I haven’t had a conversation with the people that I spend the most time with.

“Many people hear voices when no on is there. Some of them are called Mad and are shut up in rooms where they stare at the walls all day. Others are called Writers and they do pretty much the same thing!” -pinned from Facebook onto Pinterest.

Writers are called, ‘Crazy’, among other things. But, let’s face it. What artist has there ever been, that hasn’t been a little, uh..’Different’? I mean think about it. Van Gogh cut off his ear! Ok, so maybe that’s an extreme mention to make in this point, but you know what I mean. In case you’re a little creeped out, let me say it like this. Every single creative mind, as a little or a lot of ‘Nutty’ about them. Every single one of them. There as never been one that was completely normal. It’s like something that I’ve heard Tyra Banks say. “Perfect is Boring”! And that’s true. If you’ve ever seen really, really beautiful things, there was always something a little different about them. Even if you love them, there’s something about it, that doesn’t always makes sense.

That’s one of the things that I love about writing and blogging. It is a great way to create beautiful written pieces. That more often than not, are not perfectly written. They are not written by professionals or journalists. But, what they are, is opinions by people living what they are writing about. When you blog, you sharing your world with people and you are letting them see your inner self. I always say, ‘A blog, shows you who you really are’. And it does. It shows you things that about yourself, that no one might have been able to point out.

That’s what writing does. Writing is an art. The paper is our canvas, the pens, pencils, our paintbrush. And our words, are the colors. We are merely a tool for the art to use, to create itself and share itself with the world. We can’t run away from it. It always catches up to us. Another Pinterest writing reads, “Writers don’t choose their craft; they need to write in order to face the world!”

We have voices and oh, what beautiful voices they are. We make our music, march to the best of our own drums. Let the Symphony play. Let the Symphony play!


Just write everyday of your life. Read Intensely. Then see what happens. Most of my friends who are put on that diet have very pleasant careers.”

-Ray Bradbury


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