Women: The Power

Have you heard about the new #banbossy movement? A Movement that has been created by Sheryl Sandberg. The COO of Facebook and the founder of LeanIn. org, as well as the author of the bestselling book, Lean In.

She has created a movement that has brought major women of power to the forefront of this initiative. #banbossy is about encouraging women to understand and embrace their power. So many women have been going for what they want since the beginning of time and they’ve been called one word. Not Ambitious. Not Driven. Not Brilliant. But Bossy! This is a word that pretty much every woman that has had the ambition to stand on her own two feet and be her own woman, has been called. It has been a subject that hasn’t been talked about, but it is very much a constant in society.

When we look around and we see young girls that are buying into the idea that they can’t lead. Many of them are believing that they can’t take on a big job or handle making big decisions. But, here’s another thing. Many young girls are afraid to raise their hands in class or study in subjects like Science and Math. There are many young girls that feel that there are such things as ‘Boy Subjects’ in school. And they feel that they can’t stand along side of the boys, so why bother?

This seems to be a catching trend of among schools and young people. And it’s really sad. We’re seeing young girls that think that they are in a group and they’ve got to stay in a box. And they are afraid to spread their wings and see what they can do. So, when we see a young girl that is not afraid to raise her hand and she’s not a afraid to speak her mind, she’s instantly condemned as being bossy. She is instantly condemned for being too aggressive and trying to be ‘Like a man’! But, if she is being quiet and walking one step behind everyone else, then she’s doing her job. She’s doing what she’s suppose to be doing. She’s in her lane and she’s being what a woman should be. Pretty and silent.

Sheryl Sandberg has been told many things and being called Bossy, is definitely one of them. Joining forces with people that have paved the way for other young women is definitely inspiring. From Former Political powerhouses to Major Actresses to Iconic Musicians. She has opened the floor for women from all forms of success to come together. To show that they know what’s like to be called Bossy, they know what it’s like to be told, ‘No’ and be standing on the outside of strongly slammed doors. Many of them have daughters, whom they would like to create a better world for. They would like for their daughters to be able to excel, thrive and win in the world and not have to face the adversity they, themselves have faced.

I know for a fact, if I’m blessed with Daughters someday, I most certainly want to create a better world for them. I don’t want my girls to have to deal with the crap that I’ve dealt with. Like, being turned down for jobs, because people are seemingly ‘too educated’. I don’t want them to have to face being turned down for work because they’re women. I want to create better chances for our world and for our girls. The girls of the world now, and the girls of the future.

Today’s world, is full of Women and girls being categorized and being labeled as people that are insignificant. People that are not capable of being in charge and not able to lead anything. Women are only suppose to be a wife and mother. But, they can’t be leaders. They can’t be presidents. But, something was brought to my attention.

On the show, “Blood, Sweat and Heels”, a question was raised at a luncheon. Do believe that women can be leaders? Most agreed. And many women said that they believe women can be leaders. But, there were a select few that disagreed. While they believe that women can lead, they wouldn’t vote for a Female President. Because they believe that women are a little too emotional and that Men are more stable when it comes to power and how to handle it. And of course, this most definitely sparked a conversation and some heavy dialogue came to the forefront here. And boy, did it get spirited at the Reunion show, on this subject, was it was revisited.

Don’t you think that there many people that are completely against Hillary Clinton on running for President? And she hasn’t even made an announcement yet! Whenever we are faced with the opportunity to lead, we are instantly shut down. And sadly, sometimes by other women! That’s really sad! And it’s about time that changes!

LeanIn.org is a great website and truly interesting. There is so much to look at and read about. There are so many women to learn from and so many women to relate to. There are so many women that are proving that we all facing the same things. Make sure you take the time to read the LeanIn stories and you will be inspired. There is so much to learn about and so many people to learn from.And it’s about time that women ban together to #banbossy.

It can be done, one girl at a time. We need each other, Ladies. We need each other!


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