Granny’s first birthday in Heaven

Yesterday, was Granny’s Birthday. If she’d lived, she would’ve been 83 years old.

You know, I thought for sure that I would have sad and depressed and I really thought that Mom and I would’ve been really sad. But, I must say that we got through the day pretty well. Except for the huge headache that I had yesterday and the one that Mom has today. But, rest, Tylenol, and Prayer will fix that.

But, yesterday was Granny’s day. And she brought in spring every year. Every year, the 20th of March brought in spring. I always told Granny that she brought in the sweetest season and that she was so sweet as well. She always smiled and that and told me that what I said touched her heart.

I know for a fact that yesterday, the family and friends that are up there with her, celebrated her and they were all having a great time. I’m sure that they were laughing and dancing and praising God together. I know they are all rejoicing and so happy that their troubles and sickness is over.

We love her and miss her so much.

Happy Birthday Grandma!!!


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