They are ALL just like the rest of us!

I remember being young and talked back, I knew what I needed. I was spending all of my nights and days in bed laid back, daydreaming!”

-Beyonce ‘Grown Woman’

You know as I was sitting here thinking, that song started going through my head. I was thinking about my day today. How I have been daydreaming. I’m always daydreaming. I day about everything. The job that I’m going to have, my blog and it’s posts,  just everything.

But, this song got me to thinking. They are just like us. Because they are us!

Yes, we see celebrities and they all have beautiful things. Houses, Cars, Designer clothes and friendships with designers. Jewelry, And of course, fields full of cash! But, when you look at it, place yourself in their shoes. All of them had dreams. They all had plans for their lives. Many of them came from homes, just like ours. Many of them had parents, that had jobs like ours, do. Nurses, Housekeepers, Teachers, Seamstresses, Firefighters and much more. Many of them were raised with several siblings, while others were ‘only’ children.

Some were in the wrong crowd when they were young and others, kept to themselves.  Some were smart and others weren’t as smart. Some came from rich backgrounds and others, lived from place to place, barely making it. Some were raised by both parents. But, many were raised in a single parent home. And most of them time, those parents that were single, were Mothers!

We’ve seen some incredible things this year and we’re still in the third month of the year.

We’ve seen some incredible wins at The Oscars. We saw one of the world’s greatest and best actresses, Meryl Streep make history with receiving her Eighteenth Nomination. The most, Oscar history! We saw a newcomer, Lupita win her first Oscar after being nominated for the first time, in her first film! While an Actor, that has been acting for well over twenty years and got a role that he excelled in, received his nomination and win, Matthew McConaughey!

We’ve seen people like Steve Harvey, who started out as a comedian. Everybody thought that’s where he’d end up. But, he got a whole new direction for himself, by writing his book. “Act like a Lady, Think like a Man” instantly became a New York Times Bestseller! He re-trained many minds, on what relationships are and how to act in them. Helping women get an understanding of the Male mind. How they think, feel and operate. And speaking as a young lady, I can tell you that we all could benefit from that. The “Code Cracking” book!

We’ve seen a reporter, that got her own show and turned it into an empire! Her name is Oprah! She started out, just like many reporters. And she used her brilliance, intellect and business savvy to create an empire where she has had her own show, she has her own magazines, and now, her “OWN” Network! But, went through so much to get there. She was abused when she was young and was pregnant at such a young age! She went through literal misery and she found a way to make a platform where she can help others, rejuvenate themselves and be better people.  To help them realize that what they’ve been through, doesn’t have to change their destiny. They can be whatever they want to and be whatever they want to be in life. That it’s up to them, not what they’ve been through.

Then, I look at the President and First Lady. Two people that came from different backgrounds, but share similar stories. He and his sister was raised by a single mother and grandparents. While her and her brother, was raised by both of their parents. But, each one of them, made their opportunities by working hard and making sacrifices. It was challenging and they went through a lot. But, when he made the decision to run  for the highest office in the world, she was nervous about it. She was concerned about their lives changing and how their family would be able to remain normal, throughout the process. Let alone, if they won and went to the White House. But, through everything, they buckled down and they made the seemingly impossible, happen. And made history!

Beyonce. One of my Favorite people in the world.  I love everything about her. Her music, her style and the way that she has carried herself. But, of course she has many challenges, some public and others  not. She was managed by her father since she was a young girl and a few years ago, she made the hard decision to end her business partnership with her father and manage herself. That was incredibly hard and I’m sure that there was fear in her. I mean, that’s a huge difference. Going from being managed by her father and having him fight for her. Having him, handle business that she might not have known much about, to seeing everything for herself. Having to fight for herself and make the decisions for herself. Learning and growing and becoming her own boss.

Hard thing, becoming your own boss. Trust me, I’m learning that everyday. As I have been looking for a job, I have been building my work as a writer and a blogger. And it is not easy. But, working on this, has shown me a lot about myself. It’s shown me, my work ethic and the way that I like to manage myself. Learning to manage myself, is definitely a challenge. But, it’s something that you learn everyday. It’s something that you work on and it’s something that you will grow into over time.

Thinking about all of these people and so many more, just let me know that they all are really like us. Because they are us!  They are all just like us!


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