Tasha Gwartney – Author : New Releases

Hello Everybody!

I hope that all of you are doing well and are having a great day.

On my Facebook page, (http://www.facebook.com/vsblogs), I love bringing the work of others to light. I love it when people ask me to post about their books, their blogs and all of the creative things that people love doing. It makes me very happy, when just doing something that is so simple, can help make people happy. Because all of  us, as bloggers, writers, and those that are authors, understand better than anyone that often times, we’ve got to be our own cheerleaders. We’ve got to have our backs, when we don’t have anyone else to lean on. Yes, we have our families and they are supportive of us, in our creativity and doing what we feel passionate about. But, it’s like something that I once heard Ree Drummond say, ‘If you are not a blogger, then you really can’t understand what bloggers go through!’ A very true statement. So today, I want to present a good friend of mine, Tasha Gwartney.

Tasha Gwartney is an author of several books. And you can find them on http://www.amazon.com. Two of her newest releases are below. And if you want to contact Tasha, log on to Facebook and look for Tasha Gwartney. She is a really nice, sweet person and I am proud of her and I am proud of her for creating work, that she is so willing to share with the world.

For her book, “Mirage, here’s the link.


For her book, “Bound” here it is.


Let us support our fellow writers!


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