The Oscars: What the movies taught us this past year

As we all saw this year, there was an abundance of amazing films. Brilliant stories, Deep meanings and Epic performances by some of the best actors, actresses, writers, directors and producers in the world. We saw an incredible awards how last night.

We saw winners like, Lupita for Best Supporting Actress, Jared Leto for Best Supporting Actor, Cate Blanchett for Best Lead Actress and Matther Mcconaughey for Best Lead Actor. “Gravity left with 7 wins out of there ten nominations, tied with “American Hustle” in nominations. And “12 Years a Slave” took home the top honor of Best Motion Picture. And of course, Ellen did not disappoint. She was a terrific host that did what she do best. Make people laugh.  They even had a pizza party. During the Oscars. Took a Major selfies with Brad, Angelina, Meryl, Julia, Jared, Jennifer, Bradley, Lupita, Channing and many others. It was an outstanding night and everyone had a blast.

But, I want I also want to highlight was the brilliant meanings of some of these movies. We saw a variety of bold and honest films. Films, whose messages could not be silenced. The films that were shown this year, were stellar to say the least. And each one of them, spoke to me.

There’s no way that I could possibly highlight everything in this post that spoke to me, but I would like to bring a moment of your attention, to my outlook on “12 Years a Slave”. It’s story, it’s statement and the changes that have occurred since those times.

“12 Years a Slave, tells the story about a man named Solomon. Named after the most wise man in the Bible. It shows his journey from being a freed man to being a slave. It shows us the miserable horror that they endured. It shows us hoe much they had to work for everything that earned. They were treated like garbage. No, actually, I think that in those days, garbage was treated better than slaves. We saw the way these people fought in order to be treated with respect. Taking us back to our roots and to our heritage. Letting us know, to never forget where we come from and to always remember the struggle. To past along this history to future generations. you know, this subject reminds me of something that I was heard the President say. He said, that kids today,  don’t look at race the same way that they, themselves were taught. He said, ‘When his daughters go over to their friends’ houses, they don’t see race or anything like that. They just see their friend!” And you know, I think that is how it should be. Period. I completely agree with him. See, my Mom grew up in the era of all black and all white kids. She has told me stories about when the public schools became integrated. When the races merged and attended one school. See, people like my Mom, can tell us stories about these times and it has changed the scope of our world. But, us? No, we can’t tell stories like that about our own lives. Because many of us, are close friends, pretty much like family, with other races. Many people, have families filled with people from walks of life and from all over the world.

We’re seeing many of our own generations, having interracial relationships, marriages and families. Now, of course, a lot of this has been going on for a very, very long time. But, all those many years ago, like during slavery times and after, there were interracial relationships and affairs going on. But, it was done quietly. no one could know, because it was so incredibly taboo. Now, we’re seeing interracial relationships shared and loved all over the world. And especially on TV. I mean, look at Scandal! Isn’t that a HOT Show? (By the way, I had to capitalize the word Hot, because it just is!) Olivia and Fitz, or Olitz, as they’re known all over the internet, and especially Youtube.  We saw something special growing between John Reese and Joss Carter on Person of Interest. And I could go on and on. And I will.

But, for now, I just want to say that  I really enjoyed the Oscars and I am so incredibly proud of the films, the actors and actresses, the writers, the producers, directors and crews of all of these amazing films. It was outstanding and everyone should be really proud of themselves.

Personally, I didn’t see losers. Everyone was a winner to me!!!


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