A Young Woman, A New Business

As a blogger and a young woman with ambition, it is kind of frustrating to be unemployed. And no, I don’t blame Washington for it. To me, it’s not Washington’s responsibility to hire people. Washington is not the running businesses and in charge of the day to day operations of companies. Those are the responsibilities of the CEOs and Managers. Washington is not flying down to look over resumes and pick whom they think would most suitable for the job. It is not Washington’s responsibility to fix it. It is the job of those that works in the offices everyday to know what they need in employees and for them to hire the most suitable candidates.

Now, honestly one of the reasons why many qualified folks aren’t getting hired, is because of “Favortism” Those people that know someone who is looking for a job, but are not capable of doing it. They are the ones that did a favor for the manager or is a friend of a friend and they have no clue on how to carry themselves, let alone work for a company.  What people that do this don’t realize, is they are compromising the integrity of their company. Let’s say you have a boutique and you hire someone based on the fact that you know them. And you need a person to run the cash register. Typically for that job, you need someone courteous, prompt, neat and good at math. You need someone that can do this job well, because chances are, this is the first person that your customers will see. So, that person needs to be able to make a good first impression, so that people will feel comfortable shopping with you.

But, if that person can’t count, don’t like to dress well, hates fashion and is hateful, hiring them is a horrible idea! You can’t risk your business for this person, hinged on the fact that you know them. But, unfortunately people are more willing to put their friends above good decisions. Well, this is something that has been going since the beginning of time. This is something that many qualified employees are dealing with. Something that people that has the education and tenacity, people with drive and determination are facing.

Termination, before even getting the job. This is a frustration that I have been facing for some time now and it’s indeed hard to explain it to some people. Some people say that I am picky. Some people say that I must be comfortable with being unemployed or that I just don’t want to work. But, that could not be a bigger lie!

I want to work and I am excited about joining the workforce. But, all the while we were taking care of Grandmother, I would be getting out looking for work. Locally and out of town. I would be trying my best to do what I could to be employed. Unfortunately, to no avail. And I began thinking. Here I am looking for a job, driving around from one place to another and not getting hired. Not to mention, I burning gas in this car and not getting hired so that I can get paid to replace it! These are moments when you sit in your car and you’re praying. You’re not just praying, you’re talking to God. You talking to him like a passenger in your car. And he is there with you, so he is your passenger. But, how frustrated you get, from time to time, you need him to be your driver as well.

I have not had a job before and trust me, I am seriously crazy far from having an abundance of money or anything. When I was a teenager, I didn’t have my driver’s license. I didn’t get my driver’s license until I was 23! So, working at a fast food joint then, was out of the question. Sometimes, they want you to work late nights and my Mom worked the twelve hour shift. From 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. So, my Mom and Grandparents didn’t feel comfortable with me walking home, alone and in the dark that late at night. And my Grandparents didn’t drive nor did they ever have a driver’s license. Either of them.  So, that wouldn’t work. And when it was time for me to go to college and I was going to work, My Grandmother got ill and she couldn’t be left alone. So, I decided to get enrolled in an online school and study there. And I loved it. Still do. In the recent couple of years, I have been looking for a job, hard. And nothing has turned up. The last time Grandma was in the hospital, I came home (because each time she was in the hospital, Mom and I stayed with her day and night. We never slept at home), and I printed up a little resume, (basically my educational background, ambitions and my current status of taking care of my Grandmother) and I pounded the pavement. I got out and I walked. I walked and walked. I went to so many places looking for work and as usual, I got the same things said to me. “I’m sorry, we’re not hiring.” Oh,  I’m sorry. We just filled our last position.” Or my personal favorite, “I don’t know if we’re hiring. Log onto our website and see if there are any positions open!” I got that last so many times, I should’ve gotten it printed on a T-Shirt! It got really old. Emphasis on ‘Old’. But, I just kept at it. And the funny thing is, sometimes when I went looking for a job, I didn’t even get a sorry. All I got was, the last line. ‘Look Online! Look Online!’

I was wondering, ‘Am I doing something wrong?’ But, can I share with you my favorite part of it all? Please? Okay.

My favorite part of it all is, when you go to a place that you frequently visit, (i.e. The grocery store or local office) and they say we’re not hiring right now. But, every time you go in there throughout the course of a month or so, all you see is new people! And I am thinking to myself, Am I missing something here? You’re not hiring, right? Then, where did all of these new people come from? That was so frustrating at first and now, it’s just funny. It is! It makes me laugh. Because you know if you go to a store and you go there pretty much all the time, you’re going to notice some new people. Now, let’s face it. Nobody’s that dense. You are going to notice if somebody’s new there. Or how about if you work at a place and there’s people working right next to you. Maybe a desk or something. And you now that they weren’t there a week ago. Heck, they weren’t even there yesterday. But, they are here today. Something should trigger in your mind and say, ‘Yes, we’re hiring!” At least we ought to be, Because, this girl wasn’t here yesterday!

Okay, well, maybe you can’t say that last part, but you can think it.

So, that’s why I’ve decided to bite down on the bullet and work for myself. I have decided to become self-employed and pray to God that I can succeed. And there are so many people that are in the same boat. So many people have left paying jobs, to work online. It’s amazing to me, but that’s the way it is.

I was scared of being self-employed. But now, I am comfortable with it. I am now eagerly looking forward to the challenge of working for myself and developing my own business. It is daunting and thrilling at the same time. But, I know that God has me on this path for a reason. So, I will be obedient and listen.

Hey, who knows where this could lead? But, I’ll tell you one thing. I am far to excited about my work , my future and my life to turn back now!


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